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Young women lose hundreds of eggs every month naturally through their menstrual cycle. These otherwise lost eggs can be donated – with no serious side effect – to gift women struggling with infertility, genetic disorders or delayed child birth due to life’s many challenges.

Melketa is formed to help donors understand the ease with which they can make a different in the lives of others by donating their eggs – with no real risk. We empower women to understand and leverage the science and dispel the myth to build a healthy family more easily. Be a donor and become a dream maker.

how to apply

Apply to Be an Egg Donor

01 – Get Registered

Sign up and complete your online donor profile.

02 – Meet the Team

We’ll schedule a meeting for first level interview and qualification.

03 – Medical Screening

After interviews, you’ll complete a medical screening test to qualify.

04 – Complete a donor Cycle

We’ll coordinate your visit and travels to an approved clinic near you.

Donor Rewards

Enjoyable & Rewarding

We cover all costs associated with donating eggs, including medical screening, travel and accommodation. Our team works to ensure you have a rewarding and memorable experience that counts.

Your health and convenience are our priority.

Our donors receive the top medical care and support in a relaxing and comfortable environment, wherever they go.

Your time and efforts will be rewarded

Beyond helping improve relationships and families,  you’ll be suitably compensated for the time and effort you put in, no cost on your part.

Recurring egg donors earn up to 300% more

You can earn up to 300% more if you re-donate. Egg donors can donate every 3 months for a maximum number of 6 cycles in total.

Donate now

Help fulfill dreams,
donate your eggs.

How it works

Egg Donation Process

01- Apply online

To apply, you will complete a pre-screening questionnaire and provide us with pictures of yourself.

02 – Meeting and Screening

You will have initial consultation to learn about the procedure and to get all of your questions answered. We’ll cover physical and mental health, schedule your tests and suggest diet.

03 – Preparation and Planning

If accepted, you’ll be required to follow a healthy diet. You will learn about the medical protocol and requirements, including injection administration and travel preparations. You will access video demos and other related material.

04 – Stimulation (Day 1-13)

During the first 12-13 days of your donor cycle, you will be required to self-administer hormone injections. You’ll visit your clinic for a blood test and ultrasound to monitor your progress. You will be required to use a trigger injection 36 hours before your egg retrieval procedure.

05 – Egg Retrieval (Day 14)

For about 10-15 minutes, you’ll be sedated, while a physician collects your eggs. You may be a little sore afterward that day but most women are able to continue normal activities the next day.

06 – Follow Up. (Day 16-17)

2-3 days after your retrieval you will return to your clinic for a follow up visit to ensure that you are recovering appropriately.

Donate Now

Help fulfill dreams,
donate your eggs.

More questions
From egg donors.

As you consider egg donation, below are some answers to frequently asked questions that can help make up your mind…

Melketa enables women to support each other through an extra ordinary gift that can change lives. Many families are either already broken or struggling to keep it together because of infertility. Many societies consider it a taboo to find ways to help infertile couples; Concurrently, women who are healthy enough to produce and donate eggs are unaware of the possibilities. The lack of knowledge and awareness of the issue puts women through serious health risks. Melketa aims to empower and educate all women regarding how it is absolutely safe to donate and receive eggs and how it can be a life-changing experience for struggling families. We take complete responsibility of our donors and make sure they have a wonderful, healthy and happy experience by connecting them to the top medical care providers and assisting them throughout the beautiful journey.


Absolutely safe! During the last 30 years, more than 15 million women have donated their eggs without any serious side effects. Every year, 500,000 babies are born through IVF, using the egg they saved themselves or using a donor egg with little to no side effects at all.

The procedure takes about 10 minutes and involves a transvaginal, non-surgical outpatient procedure, guided by ultrasound. The donor takes an antibiotic beginning the day before the retrieval to minimize and/or prevent risk of injury, bleeding, or infection. however, donors are monitored very closely to ensure safety and the risks have little or no long-term consequence.

The procedure is generally safe with no major long-term risks; however, some short-term risks can be avoided by knowing their warning signs.
Due to hormonal changes, you might experience indicators similar to premenstrual symptoms including bloating and slight cramping. Although rare, the symptoms might alleviate in severe cases of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or who conceive during their cycle might be at a higher risk. If OHSS develops, the ovaries enlarge and collect fluid. This can cause bloating, weight gain and severe pelvic pain.
If there is a likeliness to develop OHSS, oral medicine, cabergoline may be administered, to subside the symptoms. Stimulation may also be withheld. At Melketa, we make sure that all egg donors are closely monitored and that the risks are efficiently managed.
Recent studies around risk of medication linked to ovarian cancer suggest no significantly connection or risk or ovarian cancer.

You may experience slight changes in your body due to increase in the size of your ovaries and retention of fluid. This might result in temporary weight gain (3-5 pounds). Women who are taller might gain more weight.

It is important to abstain from unprotected intercourse and use effective contraception methods during the cycle so as to minimize the chances of pregnancy which could otherwise restrain the donation procedure.

You might be required to travel to an approved medical facility if the medical facility near you is not optimal for IVF treatment. You may need to fulfill the travel requirement including, having your passport ready!


You might be required to travel to an approved medical facility if the medical facility near you is not optimal for IVF treatment. You may need to fulfill the travel requirement including, having your passport ready!


You will be required to follow a fertility friendly diet for a couple of months before your cycle starts to make sure your body is healthy to produce healthy eggs. Abstinence from strenuous activity, sexual intercourse, alcohol and drugs will also be required. You will be called about 10 times for brief 30 minutes clinic visit to monitor your progress and adjust your medication as needed prior to the retrieval procedure.


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