Why Donate Eggs? See how excited, happy and grateful patients and donors feel. It is normal to ask yourself many questions before entering the world of egg donation. Egg donation is safe and gives enormous satisfaction to the donor for being the means to build a couple’s dream.

How IVF Works: A Little Scientific Help Since fertility problems limit obtaining a baby, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the star technology to fulfill the dream of parenthood. It is based on imitating female fertilization, taking into account the neurological and hormonal components, but with a bit of scientific help to improve the quality of the eggs or sperm in a …

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Egg Donors in India – Who and Why? In case you didn’t know, many women suffer from ovarian failure even before menopause. This condition significantly affects the ability to ovulate and, therefore, the dream of having a baby. In vitro fertilization is a promising solution to this and other problems, such as stopping genetic diseases from mother to child. Be a donor …

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